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Park Hotel Club Card

Benefits and discounts on stays

Park Hotel Club Card

Park Hotel Club Card
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More than 8% discount on your stay!
The Park Hotel Customer loyalty programme offers many advantages on your stays.

As holder of the Park Hotel Club Card, besides the benefits listed below, every stay at Park Hotel allows you to accumulate credits that will be automatically registered in your electronic chip and therefore further discounts on your next stays.
It’s a Costumer Loyalty Card made just for you!


Validity = 2 years


The PARK HOTEL Club Card presents a number, which will be the booking number for your next stays.

Cartão Club Park Hotel In each reservation you must make clear that you are a PARK HOTEL Club Card client holder and indicate both your name and account number exactly as they are written in the card.

On your arrival at the hotel you will have a credit upon your payment, which will be registered on your Card.

a) By customising your stay you will be granted a "special attention", as following:

  • A room reservation warranty until 11h:00 pm against your given card number while requesting your reservation;
  • Reservation priority in the face of a "waiting list” day.

b) Discounts:

  • Each stay at PARK HOTEL accumulates credits that will be converted into discounts on next stays.
  • A € 1.00 spent = a € 0.08 credit
  • For every € 1.00 spent you get a credit of € 0.08, equivalent to a 8% rebate for the PARK HOTEL Club Card holders.
  • You can accumulate or use your credits on your next stay(s), by getting always the corresponding discounts on the services you use (accommodation, breakfast, etc.). except parking and vending machines.

If you sleep one night at the Park Hotel on the € 40.00 double room rate, you automatically get a € 3.2 credit on your PARK HOTEL Club Card, which is an 8% rebate.
If you get to sleep any other night on € 35.00 double room rate, your total amount will be € 35.00, but by using your credit from the previous stay you only have to pay the difference, which is € 31.8.
Moreover, you will get a new credit of € 2.54 (8% on € 31.8 paid) to cash in on your next stays, which, in turn, will give you new credits.
All your credits can be accumulated or used in future stays during a two years validity period.


At PARK HOTEL reception desk ask the person in charge that you want to get the Park Hotel Club Card and join the hotel’s customer loyalty programme.
Simultaneously and upon your payment, the person in charge will ask you to fill in a small application form that comes together with a hotel brochure.
Your answers will help to issue your card, which will be personal and numbered.
The card will be issued and sent to the chosen address within approximately 3 weeks, allowing you to enjoy its benefits from the moment of its reception.
In your next stay you may already begin to accumulate credits to use on your next stay at the Park Hotel of your choice.


  1. The Park Hotel Club Card has a cost of 12 euros and is valid for a period of two years from the date of issue.
  2. The Park Hotel Club Card is not transferable, so the cardholder must be present at time of purchase of goods and services units PARK HOTEL and may be required to present a valid ID.
  3. The Park Hotel Club card can not be used in case of stays which payment is made by companies with credit line opened in the Hotel and not by Club Card holder.
  4. The benefits inherent in the Park Card Club Hotel apply on purchases of Bed, Breakfast, Bar and Meeting Rooms. Excluded from the use of the card parking and vending machines.
  5. The holder of the Card Club Park Hotel can enjoy the benefits of the card does not even stay at the hotel. To do so, they must be in your name payments for all services enjoyed by other guests your guests.
  6. The advantages of the Card Club Park Hotel apply public tariffs described the balcony of each hotel and are not combinable with any special rate agreed or negotiated between the client and the Park Hotel, or with possible offers and / or promotions presented in various media and Internet.

To benefit from its advantages, the cardholder Park Hotel Club Card assumes aware of the conditions of application listed here and to obey her compliance.



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V. N. Gaia · Portugal

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