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Bar The Park Hotel Bar is your surrounding relaxing music venue for an informal drink at you arrival, or before and after dinner.

You can also watch important football matches on Sport TV1 and 2 channels on the large LCD at your disposal in the hotel's public area.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms The 2nd generation units you will find modern meeting rooms where you can work or do exhibitions.
In addition to the competitive prices of these rooms will benefit from the ease of immediate parking in our large outdoor parks.
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Parking The hotels have normally a low price undergroud parking.

It also has a free of charge outdoor parking for several other dozen cars.

Internet & Telephone

Internet & Telephone In the rooms and public areas there is free wi-fi Internet.
The rooms have telephone and in public areas, you can find telephone terminals.

Late Breakfast

Late Breakfast If for any reason you miss the breakfast time, you always can resort to the 24-hours Vending Machines and choose whatever you feel like from hot to cold drinks such as: black coffee, café latté, hot or cold chocolate, decaffeinated latté or tea, muffins, Portuguese pastry, sandwiches, yogurts at the selected products’ limited price.


EAT, FORGOTTEN THINGS In the public area adjacent to the reception is the PARK VENDING with several Automatic Distributors that provide anytime:
  • Various sandwiches, croissants and hot or cold drinks.
  • The little things that may have been forgotten: kits with paste and toothbrush kits with utensil and shaving cream, comb, etc., a selection of about 20 different products.



Park Hotel Porto

Rua da Bélgica, 3172 · 4400-049
V. N. Gaia · Portugal

Tel.: +351 220 125 100
​(National landline call)
Fax: +351 220 125 199
​(National landline call)

GPS: N 41º 07' 35 · W 8º 38' 5"

Park Hotel Porto Aeroporto

Av. do Aeroporto, 241 · 4470-558
Maia · Portugal

Tel.: +351 229 401 300
​(National landline call)
Fax: +351 229 401 309
​(National landline call)

GPS: N 41º 14' 17 · W 8º 39' 58"

Park Hotel Porto Valongo

Rua Fonte da Senhora · 4440-653
Valongo · Portugal

Tel.: +351 220 125 200
​(National landline call)
Fax: +351 220 125 209
​(National landline call)

GPS: N 41º 11' 24" · W 8º 30' 35"